Current Nominees

Below are the nominees for 2018

Hanif Abdurraqib, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us

from Two Dollar Radio

abdurraqib image

Thi Bui, The Best We Could Do

from Harry Abrams

bui image

Brian Dillon, Essayism

from Fitzcarraldo Editions

dillon image

Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, “A Most American Terrorist”

from GQ

ghansah image

David O’Reilly, “Everything”

from Double Fine Presents

oreilly image

Raoul Peck, “I Am Not Your Negro”

from Velvet Film

peck image

Jordan Peele, “Get Out”

from Blumhouse Productions

peele image

Aisha Sloan Sabatini, Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit

from 1913 Press

sabatini image


Selah Saterstrom, Ideal Suggestions

from Essay Press

saterstrom image

Zach Savich, “Body Map”

from Fanzine

savich image

Lee Anne Schmidt, “Purge This Land”

from Lee Anne Schmidt Productions

schmidt image

Phil Smith, “We Are Here to Help Each Other Get Through This Thing, Whatever It Is”

from Falling Tree Productions

smith image

Jeannie Vanasco, The Glass Eye

from Tin House Books

vansaco image

Shawn Wen, A Twenty-Minute Silence Followed by Applause

from Sarabande Books

wen image