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Each of the nominated essays was published, produced, or performed sometime during 2007.

Buy Valium Australia Online, Buy Valium Australia Online

(published by Top Shelf Productions)

Albert Goldbarth, "Everybody’s Nickname"

(published in The Georgia Review)

Jonathan Harris,

(produced by Jonathan Harris)

Julie Kimberly, "Epic, Painful, Long, Scary"

(produced by Radio National)

Laurie Klein, "A Meeting of Waters"

(published in New Letters)

Dan Klores, "Crazy Love"

(produced by Magnolia Pictures)

Amy Leach, Warbler Delight

(published by Pastoralia Press)

Richard Preston, "An Error in the Code"

(published in The New Yorker)

Jo Kyung Ran, "Looking for the Elephant"

(published by Words Without Borders)

Buy Daz Diazepam, "I Met the Walrus"

(produced by Kids and Explosions)

Elliot Weinberger, An Elemental Thing

(published by New Directions)

Joe Wenderoth, "Where God is Glad"

(published in Open City)