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The nominees for the 2014 Essay Prize have been nominated by a variety of editors, publishers, writers, producers, filmmakers, readers, and critics, including Pico Iyer, Maggie Nelson, Bernard Cooper, Dorothy Wickenden, Phillip Lopate, Gwen Mascai, Wendy Walters, Sam Stark, Wayne Koestenbaum, John D’Agata, Katie Mingle, Geoffrey Hilsabeck, David Shields, Thalia Field, and JoAnn Beard.

Order Valium Uk - Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets

Order Valium Uk - Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets


“The Address Book”

Sophe Calle (from Siglio Press)


“The Film Worlds of Wes Anderson”

Michael Chabon (from The New York Review of Books, March 7, 2013)


“Short Cuts”

Dominic Dromgoogle and Clive Stafford Smith (from London Review of Books, November 2013)


“A Box of Puppies”

Leah Dunham (from The New Yorker, March 25, 2013)


“Complete Smoking Diaries”

Simon Gray (from Granta Books)


“I Love Your Work”

Jonathan Harris (from Number 27 productions)


“Grace Period: Notebooks, 1998-2007”

Aaron Kunin (from Letter Machine Editions)


“Walking Across America: Advice for a  Young Man”

Andrew Forsthoefel and Jay Allison (from Transom Radio)


“How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America”

Kiese Laymon (from Agate Bowden Press)


“The Act of Killing”

Joshua Oppenheimer (from Drafthouse Films)


“Testo Junkie”

Beatriz Preciado (from The Feminist Press)



Nick Ryan and Lisa Gee (from BBC radio)

Apple Launch iTunes Music Store In London

“Differences: Sex, Separateness and Marriage”

Shifra Sharlin (from Salmagundi, Fall 2013)


“What Do You Desire?”

Emily Witt (from N + 1)


“Becoming Them”

James Wood (from The New Yorker, January 21)