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Buy Diazepam Safely, Purchasing Valium In Mexico

Below are the nominees for 2016, judged by students of the Master Series.

Buy Diazepam Safely, Purchasing Valium In Mexico

from Canal Street Productions

anderson pic

Alexander Chee, “Girl”

from Guernica magazine

chee pic

Jacquira Diaz, “Ordinary Girls”

from Kenyon Review

diaz pic

Ethan Hawke, “Seymour: An Introduction”

from Room 5 Films

hawke pic

Phoebe Judge & Lauren Spoher, “695BGK”

from Criminal

judge pic

Sarah Koening, “Serial: Season Two”

from WBEZ Chicago


koening pic

Michael Paterniti, “Love and Other Ways of Dying”

from Dial Press

paterniti pic

Michael Pollan, “The Trip Treatment”

from The New Yorker

pollan pic

Oliver Sacks, “Gratitude”

from Knopf

sacks nominee pic

Riad Sattouf, “The Arab of the Future 2”

from Metropolitan Books

sattouf pic